In Q2 2015, Googl Missed Estimates By 9.54%.

Credit: Derek Walter Greenbot Jul 25, 2016 10:51 AM Googles app factory is going into overdrive, readying several new features that empower Google Now and the companys upcoming digital assistant. The new features are hinted at in the code of the latest beta version of the Google app, which now powers all of the companys search and artificial intelligence services on Android. Why this matters: According to a teardown by Android Police , were learning more about how deeply Google services will interact with Android. From the Google assistant to more voice commands, your phone is about to get far more proactive and predictive at serving as your aide. These features will be necessary for features like Android Auto on your phone and the assistant features of Google Allo. The Google Assistant While a few hints of the Google Assistant showed up in a previous build, theres a lot more to be found in version 6.2 of the Google app beta (coming to the Play Store or now on APK Mirror ). The teardown found the following drop-down options in the code for settings, which of course may expand as the final build approaches: Changes you make here show up across your Google Assistant experience Account Personal Voice Actions Voice shortcut It looks like a combination of ways you can tweak the type of information that you get and can search for. ThePersonal Voice Actions seems like it could have more down the road, with shortcuts for different commands. Ok Google commands There are plans to fire up driving notifications in Maps using a simple voice command . Such functionality would also extend to Android Auto , part of Googles plan to rule the car dashboard and keep you focused on driving. Android Auto is coming to phones this year, so you can use it even if you car's in-dash system doesn't support it.

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Furthermore, Dave will look into some potential options trades for investors looking to make a play on Alphabet ahead of earnings. Alphabet Inc. in Focus Alphabet Inc. is engaged in technology business. The company provides web-based search, advertisements, maps, software applications, mobile operating systems, consumer content, enterprise solutions, commerce, and hardware products through its subsidiaries. Alphabet is coming off of an earnings miss of 5.35% in its Q1 2016 earnings report, posting an EPS that was $0.34 lower than the Zacks Consensus Estimate. GOOGL has an average EPS surprise of -2.78% for the last four quarters. In Q2 2015, GOOGL missed estimates by 9.54%. This trend continued in Q3 2015, where GOOGL missed estimates by 2.39%. However, GOOGL went on to beat estimates in Q4 2015 by 6.17%.

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Image: Google By Stan Schroeder 2016-07-26 09:57:00 UTC Google has made several changes to its Maps app on iOS, Android and in the browser, including a new, cleaner look, a slightly different color scheme and a new feature that highlights the most interesting spots around you. Called "areas of interest," these spots will be painted a pale orange, and will appear automatically as you browse the map. SEE ALSO: Google Maps now lets you add multiple stops to your trip In a blog post announcing the feature Monday, Google explained that these areas are chosen with algorithmic processes the app will automatically figure out the highest density of restaurants, bars and shops. In certain high-density areas, such as the New York City, Google says it will use a "human touch" to show the most active areas. Check out how the feature works in the video, below. As for the new Maps visuals, the changes are subtle, as seen in the comparison below. Google says it has removed unnecessary elements from the map, one example being road outlines. The typography of street names and various points of interest on the map has also been improved. However, it appears fewer street names are being shown in the new Maps, which might not be an improvement for everyone. The old Maps are on the left, the new Maps are on the right. Image: Google Finally, Google also changed the Maps' color scheme, which now does a better job of differentiating between man-made and natural features. It should also help you identify important points of interest, such as hospitals and schools, more easily. Check out the new color scheme below.

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