Partners Include The Botswana Ministry Of Health, The Botswana-upenn Partnership, Biomerieux, Biogaia, And Copan Italia. For The Original Version Including Any Supplementary Images Or Video, Visit Six Canadian Innovations Scaling Up To Improve Global Health | Eurekalert!

Diarrhea is the second-leading cause of death of children under five, with the majority of deaths occurring in low-income countries. It is also a major contributor to stunting, malnutrition, cognitive dysfunction, and reduced adult human capital and economic productivity. With new funding from Grand Challenges Canada, the researchers will develop and test a 'test and treat' method of addressing childhood diarrhea. The new management algorithm has the potential to displace existing guidelines for the testing and treatment of childhood diarrhea, which recommend antimicrobial therapy if blood is found in a child's stool. Studies funded by Grand Challenges Canada's Point of Care Diagnostics and Stars in Global Health programs showed that these guidelines may leave significant numbers of cases untreated where death could be averted. The pilot trial also demonstrated that Lactobacillus reuteri treatment of children with gastroenteritis showed much promise for the mitigation of damage caused by acute diarrhoeal disease. The researchers say that the 'treatment gap' revealed in their Botswana research uncovers a major opportunity to make a big long-term impact in child health worldwide. Now, led by David Goldfarb, MD (formerly of McMaster University, now at the University of British Columbia), along with Jeffrey Pernica, MD (McMaster) and collaborators Tonya Arscott-Mills, MD (Botswana-UPenn Partnership), Margaret Mokomane, MSc (Botswana National Health Laboratory), and Loeto Mazhani, MD (University of Botswana) the researchers will test the new management algorithm through a randomized control trial. Results from the trial, to be carried out over 12 months across four hospitals in Botswana, could have a significant long term impact on the way childhood diarrhea is tested and treated in low-resource settings. The evidence could inform policy, change regulations and impact the development of future diagnostics in low-income countries. Partners include the Botswana Ministry of Health, the Botswana-UPenn Partnership, bioMerieux, BioGaia, and Copan Italia.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit Six Canadian innovations scaling up to improve global health | EurekAlert! Science News

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They should be able to correlate the data and be able to see, suddenly, all these accounts coming up. "If theyre not doing velocity checks on their AML policy, then the policy itself is flawed. It is seriously flawed." We asked Skwarczek to tell us about his anti-money laundering practices at G2A. He would not go into detail, other than to say that hes actively hiring as he expands into new territories. Right now, in fact, G2A has an opening for a "global payments compliance officer." One of the requirements is for that individual to have experience in AML practices. They also need "proven experience of building something from scratch." But, Skwarczek said, that is not evidence of lax or absent AML practices. "We dont have any weak points," Skwarczek said. "Were just growing so fast that we need more and more good people. Our company is about specialty. This year weve hired more than 200 specialists into our company, people from different parts of the world." In G2As defense, its easy to see the game industrys release schedule itself mirroring this kind of velocity within the marketplace.

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